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is this suspect? breaking details from law enforcement sources on the ground and here in washington about a possible motive. i'm wolf blitzer. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is a "situation room" special report, shooting at l.a.x. >>> you're looking at live pictures from los angeles inrn are on the scene at this hour. the investigation, an intense investigation, is certainly under way. they are trying to piece together what happened when police say a man pulled an assault rifle from a bag and began shooting -- a shooting rampage at a security checkpoint. this was the scene inside the airport. crowds of people taking cover in a bathroom stall. lots of shattered glass and a screening area torn upside down. outside the airport, a makeshift triage center and victims being loaded into ambulances. cnn has team coverage of this developing story. our reporters are fanned out from l.a. to washington. let's begin this hour with casey wian, who has been breaking details over at l.a.x. >> reporter: the very latest, four and a half hours ago, a gunman wa
the questions come. here to break it down is mary ellen. she's a former fbi profiler, a retired law enforcement agent with the police department. thank you for joining us. lou, on a scale of one to ten, how is the response at l.a.x. yesterday? >> exceptional. i think it's a boilerplate response now, don, regardless of where the incident takes place. it involves local agencies, federal agencies, fire, medical, air support, bomb squads. it's effective and thorough. >> what about, you know, barbara starr is reporting there were armed guards there at one point, but weren't there, had taken a break of some sort. what do you make of that? >> i can't confirm that. my experience in traveling through l.a.x. is there are always a type of post just beyond the magna tom ters that you walk through, the devices that screen you for weapons and are manned by law enforcement agency, the los angeles police department or the los angeles airport police. any report that these posts may have been abandoned, i find unusual. i never traveled through once and they were unposted. >> the suspect, quiet, a loner, what are
shortcomings in the same place where the successful massachusetts health care law got its start. but he says romney care also had a pretty rocky beginning. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius finally takes her turn in the hot seat, grilled for hours about the obama care website. >> you deserve better. i apologize. i'm accountable for you for fixing these problems. >> and the national security agency pushing back against allegations that it penetrated google and yahoo! data centers while european you're pea a eur against u.s. claims that everybody spies. you're in the situation room. sebelius got a drilling today. president obama got out of town. he just gave a spirited defense of his health care law this boston where former rival mitt romney signed a very similar and successful massachusetts law less than a decade ago. our chief congressional correspondent dana bash is standing by on capitol hill, but let's begin our coverage with our chief white house correspondent jim acosta. the president said he's responsible for obama care's flaws, but he also said that romney care als
fixing obama care, making sure the law works, has to be top priority and with today's announcement that some big tech companies are contributing experts to help fix, it's pretty clear the administration knows that. wolf? >> the news is not good over at the white house. let's move on. the health care law says that members of congress and congressional staff have to go into these new obama care insurance exchanges but some lawmakers are planning to exploit a loophole in the law. our capitol hill reporter is working this part of the story, lisa desjardens. >> reporter: you probably remember in 2010 when congress froze the affordable care act, they decided that members of congress and their staff should personally feel the ups and downs of the obama care exchange. they wrote that into the law. fast forward to now, and members will still be required to go into those exchanges, our elected members of congress, but because of the way the law was written, vaguely, it's not as clear for staff. there's a very messy debate over that. really quickly, here's why. when the law was
officers to give them law enforcement status, in other words, guns and arrest powers to protect themselves and the public. meantime, the suspect, who allegedly targeted the tsa, remains in critical condition. cnn's stephanie elam has been piecing together the details of what happened, an incident that might have potentially been prevented. what are you learning? >> reporter: well, wolf, the idea of arming some tsa officers is just one idea that's being suggested in light of the shooting here. in the meantime, investigators continue to look for reasons why this 23-year-old shooter was allegedly so angry with the tsa. >> we were up in security at the time of the shooting, and we heard the initial gun shots. >> reporter: police say alleged gunman paul ciancia entered los angeles international airport's terminal three friday morning armed with an assault rifle and five magazines of ammunition. the fbi says it recovered a handwritten note on ciancia that made it clear he was out to kill multiple tsa officers. authorities say he shot tsa officer gerardo hernandez at point-blank range, sending pa
. the president will be in boston tomorrow talking about the fact that his health care law was modeled after what was passed in massachusetts by governor romney. romney will not be at that event. we talked to aides of the governor who said lee not be at that event. expect they president to make the connection between the two rollouts. >> these 15 million americans that got -- getting their health insurance in individual policies, it is interesting that there is a document released that we -- put in the practical register in june of 2010 which at that point, this is back in 2010, said anywhere between 40% to 67% of them would have their policies, policies, terminated that have to get some other care. anywhere from 5 million to 10 million americans, they are now going to have to find other health care, even if they have been satisfied with their earlier programs? is that what i'm hearing? >> that's right. i talked to a representative of the insurance industry who said that that number may be higher. and in terms of americans who may have their plans modified or canceled, but what the white house sa
anesthetic propofol. >>> a federal judge has ruled parts of a controersial new texas abortion law unconstitutional just 24 hours before it was scheduled to take effect. the suit filed by planned parenthood on behalf of women's health providers across the state says the law violates the constitutional rights of women and puts unreasonable demands on doctors who perform abortions. the texas governor rick perry just issued a statement saying today's decision will not stop the state's ongoing efforts to quote, protect life. >>> five people are dead and dozens injured after a jeep plowed in a crowded part of china's landmark tiananmen square and burst into flames. the crash temporarily blocked off the area which remains under heavy police presence. the driver, two passengers and two tourists were killed. no word yet on the krause of the accident. >>> with a controversial russian law on homosexuality triggeri i possible boycotts of the winter olympic games, vladimir putin seemed to roll out the welcome mat. the state-run news agency quotes him as saying we are doing everything so that p
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7